Belly Trim

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Need Help Losing That Stubborn Belly Fat?


The following ingredients are found in BELLY TRIM – Vitamin D Accelerator * Weight Loss System.

Ø Gluten Free

Ø Helps release body fat – (Vitamin D-3)

Ø Helps increase your metabolism – (Green Tea leaf extract and Chromium)

Ø Reduces the bad cholesterol in the blood and fat – (Green Tea leaf extract and Chromium)

Ø Reduces food cravings – (Chromium)

Ø Boosts immunity – (Vitamin D-3)

Ø Helps regulate blood pressure – (Vitamin D-3, Green Tea leaf extract)

Vitamin D-3 – Helps the intestine absorb nutrients, including calcium and phosphorus. This ensures strong bones and a strong immune system. Vitamin D regulates blood pressure, reduces stress and tension, relieves body aches and pains by reducing muscle spasms, reduces respiratory infections, helps in differentiation of the cells, aids in insulin secretion, helps fight depression, improves overall skin health by reducing wrinkles, makes skin soft, strong, and smooth, and improves cardiovascular strength by providing a protective lining for the blood vessels.

Chromium – Chromium helps metabolize carbohydrates. It monitors blood sugar levels, and helps stabilize blood sugar. It can also prevent hypertension or high blood pressure. Regular intake of chromium as a health supplement reduces the risk of heart disease. It raises heart rate while also having the ability to ward off infections and protect cells from damage. Additionally, it reduces hunger, which aids in weight loss.

Green Tea Leaf Extract – Green tea is rich in polyphenols such as bioflavonoid and antioxidants such as EGCG (Epigallocatechin gallate). These fight free radicals present in the body. The antioxidant EGCG found in green tea is more effective in fighting free radicals than vitamins C and E. The ECGC contained in green tea extract limits the negative effects of a fatty diet and smoking. Consumption of green tea extract enhances the process of thermogenesis and increases the rate of metabolism of fat, without increasing the heart rate. Hence, consuming green tea extract can help you lose weight without jitteriness or feelings of anxiety. When you drink the beverage, it makes you feel full and discourages you from eating. The extract also helps your body burn more calories.


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