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Everything You Need for Strong Bones, Increased Immunity and a Healthy Heart.


It’s Like an Insurance Plan for Your Whole Body

In a perfect world, you’d get everything you need from a balanced diet full of whole foods, such as lean protein, whole grains and a wide variety of fruits and vegetables. Unfortunately, in the real world, we skip meals, rely on fast foods and eat a diet that is rarely (if ever) perfect.

So while a multivitamin supplement is certainly not a substitute for whole foods and healthy eating, it’s designed to “supplement” a wholesome diet and can provide a safety net of important nutrients that may be missed on a regular basis. Pro-Health offers:

Vitamin D3: shown to help build stronger bones and help protect older adults from osteoporosis.

Vitamin K2: for increased immunity. This vitamin is finally getting the press it deserves! Vitamin K2 is crucial for a healthy immune system aiding in the growth and repair of body tissues. K2 works with vitamin D to inhibit the production of osteoclasts, the cells responsible for breaking down bones. The most exciting emerging research on K2 is its effect on human cancer cells, specifically leukemia, liver, lung, and prostate cancers.

Magnesium: maintains proper function in your blood vessels and muscles. Magnesium deficiency can lead to muscle weakness and tremors (spasms) and a host of cardiovascular problems ranging from high blood pressure to heart attacks.


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