Calcium Magnesium Source


As we age our body needs more Calcium because our bones start to lose the ability to store it, which causes our bones to become brittle and break easier. Magnesium is just as important because it helps alleviate muscle cramping and can also help lower blood pressure. Our CalMax product also includes vitamin D3 (helps your body absorb the calcium easier), vitamin C (to help give you more energy and boost your immune system) and last but not least at all is Boron, which is vital trace mineral that can help prevent arthritis and can help reduce the severity of rheumatoid arthritis.

Our CalMax is your Calcium and Magnesium Source!

  • It packs a stunning C 500 mg D3 1,000 iu Magnesium 200 mg Calcium 400 mg, Boron 5 mg.

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